Video | Made In Hull & In With A Bang | Hull 2017 | UK City of Culture

Hull kicked off its City of Culture year in great fashion with the ‘Made In Hull’ event last week, which involved a series of projection installations around the city. They revealed Hull’s story, showed what the city is all about and were a great introductory piece for the year of events. This video also includes clips of the firework display, ‘In With a Bang’ which impressively brought in the New Year on the 1st January at 20:17pm. I’m looking forward to all the cultural events which will be taking place in Hull this year. I’ll be visiting often, why don’t you get yourself there too?

Featured Installations:
‘We Are Hull’ – Zsolt Balogh
‘(in) Dignity of Labour’ – MakeAMPLIFY
‘Arrivals and Departures’ – imitating the dog

A ‘What’s On in January’ post, listing key events and installations in Hull this month, will be coming soon. Keep an eye out!


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