Escape the Crowds: A Day on the Island of Capri

If you’re spending a day on the island of Capri I have two key tips:

1. Make sure you take a boat tour around the island to see the stunning landscape. Part of the charm of Capri is its rugged coastline and seeing it by boat is one of the best ways to experience the island.


2. Do everything you can to get away from the crowds! As soon as you step off the boat at Marina Piccola you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of people, especially if you’re visiting in the summer. However, I found there are ways to escape the crowds, which can make your day much more enjoyable!


Our day on Capri had its ups and downs, mostly due to the funicular, which takes you from the port up to the town. It was very busy and we had to wait quite a long time, and the way down was even worse, we were packed in like sardines while we waited. So learn from my mistake and beware! It’s probably worth walking if you have the time and energy. The main town was very, very busy, literally bursting with tourists and Italians, probably made significantly worse by the fact it was a public holiday. Thankfully we decided to walk to Villa Jovis, which is on the edge of the North-East corner of the island. It has a very interesting history, you can wander around the ruins and it provides stunning views of the Italian coast.

The walk there took us down quiet beautiful winding paths past pretty houses and gave us the chance to experience Capri more authentically, to experience where the locals lived and see the views from many different points along the way to the villa. I’m so glad we did this as it made our day really relaxed and pleasant. Other people we spoke to who stayed in the touristy areas didn’t have such a nice time. So my top tip is to find somewhere to visit which is off the beaten track to experience the island, whether that be Villa Jovis or one of the several other points of interest. So here’s a glimpse into what you find if you wander away from the crowds.






After your peaceful stroll, you come to Villa Jovis, which on the edge of the island, provides beautiful views of the mainland. It’s extra special having these views from amongst the ruins of a Roman palace. It was built and completed all the way back in AD 27 by Emperor Tiberius. You can walk around and imagine what it was like all those years ago. And you may find the odd goat hanging around!





After your peaceful walk back to the main town, you can rejoin the hustle and bustle by enjoying a refreshing drink or gelato in the square before making your way back to the marina to catch your boat! If you’re visiting Capri I hope you have a wonderful time!


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