Swinging into Spring: 2 Days in the Lake District

Sometimes we’re so busy planning trips abroad that we forget just how great seeing our own country can be and how one night away can be just what you need to switch off for a little while. I always seem to forget just how beautiful England can be until I spend a couple of days somewhere like this, and then always tell myself I need to make the most of it and travel around the UK much more. Last week I ended up on a spontaneous overnight trip to the Lake District with my mum, taking my dad’s place as he couldn’t go due to a cold or as my mum liked to call it, “Man Flu”. I hadn’t ever properly experienced the Lake District so I was excited to go and see what all the fuss was about and get some fresh spring air in the English countryside. It certainly didn’t disappoint and for once we were very lucky with the weather!


We stayed at Ravenstone Lodge, a small hotel not far from Keswick and a short walk to Bassenthwaite Lake. On our first afternoon we walked down to the lake from the hotel, a beautiful location, made much more special by the small St. Bega’s Church right by the water, a real hidden gem which dates from pre-Norman times, crazy!



It was such a calming and serene atmosphere in the late afternoon/early evening and while we were there we just had to have a go on the tree swing. We saw plenty of little lambs on our walk back to the hotel which also took us through Dodd Wood.




On our second day after a lovely breakfast at the hotel we checked out and drove to Keswick. We parked by Derwent Water and started on a nearly 7 mile walk! This went around one side of the lake and then up into the hills to take in the view. The whole walk was beautiful and I’m so glad I got to experience it.


Although it was only one night, it felt like a proper break. It was so nice to get away and being in the lakes with the sunny weather, it finally started to feel like spring! I want to go back already!


One thought on “Swinging into Spring: 2 Days in the Lake District

  1. wonderwall360blog says:

    Love the lakes. It is great in spring when there is lambs. Or autumn when the trees, are changing colour. Or paddling in a in a stream after a walk on a summers day or even when it is misty and rainy and the mountains are all shadowy as long as in car or have waterproofs on. Did I mention I love it all year round?!

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